Brexit minister David Davis said on Wednesday that Britain will not be paying €100bn to leave the EU.

Reports that the EU was preparing to demand that amount appeared in the Financial Times, which cited its own analysis of new stricter demands it said were driven by France and Germany.

“We’ll not be paying €100 billion. What we’ve got to do is discuss in detail what the rights and obligations are,” Mr Davis told British channel ITV.

He also said that the British government had not seen a figure from the EU for the exit bill.

Mr Davis also added that Britain intended to give European Union nationals already living in the United Kingdom very similar rights to those they enjoy now.

He said it was important to quickly agree on the future rights of EU nationals living in Britain and Britons living in other EU countries after the United Kingdom exits the bloc in 2019, because uncertainty was making those people anxious.

This was at odds with what UK Prime Minister Theresa May reportedly said during a dinner with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, where she suggested that  EU citizens in Britain could simply be treated like other nationals of third countries.