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Tsipras vows to improve conditions for investment in Greece at Clinton event

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras insisted on Sunday that his government will conduct the necessary reforms to make Greece more attractive to investors. Speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative’s annual meeting in New York, Tsipras told former US President Bill Clinton he believes he can deliver the changes that would make Greece a more attractive [...]

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VW scandal to hurt its financing arm

Volkswagen AG faces higher financing costs and a strain on its ability to offer loans to boost sales amid an unfolding emissions scandal, which is rippling through all aspects of the auto maker’s business. Volkswagen disclosed last week as many as 11 million diesel cars contained software that U.S. authorities say allowed the company to dodge [...]

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ECB publishes enhanced statistics to give broader view of lending

The European Central Bank (ECB) has published new statistics on loans by euro area banks to give a more comprehensive view of lending and improve comparability between member states with different practices The new method takes into account stocks and repayments of loans that have been derecognised and removed from balance sheets, the ECB said. [...]

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ECB vice president says immigrants can stop Europe’s ‘demographic suicide’

Europe's ageing society is committing "demographic suicide" and needs immigrants to keep its workforce from shrinking further, the vice president of the European Central Bank told Reuters. In a wide-ranging interview, Vitor Constancio underlined the ECB's willingness to print more money, saying that it had bought significantly less than peers in the United States, [...]

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ECB calls for common EU approach on debt write-offs

The European Central Bank called on Tuesday for a common approach in the European Union to writing off debt, in order to make it easier to shore up a failing international banks without having to call on taxpayers. "A common framework at Union level on the degree of subordination of senior unsecured bank debt [...]

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