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EBA reports on high earners and the effects of the bonus cap

The European Banking Authority (EBA) report on remuneration practices published today shows that the number of high earners in EU banks increased significantly in 2014, while the average ratio between the variable and fixed remuneration dropped significantly for high earners, as well as for all other identified staff. The report, which is part of [...]

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How the ECB wants to help risky band bonds

Investors have very short memories when central banks offer comfort. Junior bank debt has rallied sharply since Mario Draghi, European Central Bank president, lent his support last week. UBS this week sold the first so-called additional tier 1 capital bonds since mid-January, attracting bids for more than five-times the size of the deal. The [...]

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Bankers ‘terrified’ at new regulations

New rules to make bankers more accountable already seem to be giving some of them nightmares. City of London bosses warn they may be so “terrified” of the latest regime that they will hesitate to make decisions, eschew risk-taking and struggle to hire directors. Executives speaking at the Financial Times banking standards conference in [...]

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Investors fret as ECB looks poised to get more negative

For investors, one question dwarfs all the others this week: How low can you go? The European Central Bank is expected on Thursday to push a key interest rate even further into negative territory, a move that is at once widely anticipated by markets and viewed with trepidation. Analysts and investors say the ECB’s [...]

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ECB studies stimulus options that won’t end up hurting banks

One week before a long-awaited stimulus decision, European Central Bank officials are privately deliberating over how to enhance their monetary policy stance without maiming its transmission. Committees studying how to mitigate the impact on banks have prepared potential measures that range from variations on a tiered deposit rate to techniques for countering the impact [...]

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