Members from the BRSANALYTICS team recently attended and completed a 6-month course on Level 6 Financial Risk Management in Banks (FRMB), obtaining certifications with Distinction from the London Institute of Banking and Finance.

Designed for managers or those moving into more senior roles within the banking and financial services industry, this latest achievement shows a clear commitment on the teams’ behalf to better understand and position themselves alongside members within the industry.

“It is through this knowledge and deeper level of understanding of financial risk management and other areas of regulatory reporting, that we can offer products and services pertinent to the current needs of our clients,” Dr Vince Vella, CTO at BRSANALYTICS said.

“The decision to invest in staff staining that allows us to speak the language of business professionals in the financial sector has always been high on our agenda,” he continued.

“We are proud to be able to say we are leading providers of solutions that enable our customers to streamline and thus simplify otherwise mundane processes that are nonetheless critical to the day-to-day operation of their organisation.”

The course was provided by the Institute of Financial Services (IFS) Malta, with the aim of providing a critical evaluation of how financial markets, credit and liquidity risks are managed by banks within the current economic and regulatory environment.